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Thompson Technologies, located in Ottawa Canada, has been providing Intelligent Transportation Systems and Systems Integration Services throughout the world since 1999. Specializing in traffic engineering and traffic control software, we offer systems that are designed to enhance and optimise traffic and transit operations which result in reduced delay and frustration to the travelling public regardless of their method of transportation.

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Our innovative solutions and expertise make systems work better and faster while saving time and money. Our world-class traffic and software engineering staff have created many industry firsts as well as introducing innovative concepts that improve day-to-day operations.

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  • 1st PC based coordinated central traffic control system with a distributed control network.
  • 1st and only integrated audible pedestrian service in both the traffic controller and traffic system.
  • 1st centralized GPS based fire truck preemption system for traffic signals for connected vehicles.
  • 1st Intel 386 advanced traffic controller to support multiple cabinet types with the same firmware.
  • 1st use of GPRS wireless data networks to connect traffic controllers to a traffic control system.
  • 1st event-driven protocol for traffic controllers with minimal overhead and improved efficiency.
  • 1st traffic controller with the ability to update firmware from a laptop while in service.
  • 1st traffic controller firmware to support full virtualization allowing it to run on a workstation.
  • 1st traffic controller to support multiple paths within a phase to support integrated bicycle service.

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Thompson Technologies is highly experienced and qualified. In addition to solutions and installations worldwide, we have successfully provided Traffic System Software Support and Maintenance Services for the City of Ottawa for the last 18 years. Virtually every traffic control system in use at the City of Ottawa today was designed, coded and implemented at our facilities.

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